VM Enterprises introduced the Shake in the fall of 2008 at the International Home Show and The Style At Home Show both in Toronto.  It was introduced using this type of venue in order to have the inventor get direct feedback from the consumer.  The feedback was outstanding!

Home Show


Firstly, people were impressed with how well The Shake worked in just one pass.  Secondly, they were very impressed with the fact that the product was invented, designed and manufactured in Canada.

Some, though concerned The Shake would prove as effective on real grass, purchased the product after viewing the video in the booth of The Shake on a real lawn (pictures on the home page).  What was truly a testament to how well The Shake works was how many of these people went home and tried The Shake on their own lawn and came back to the show the next day to purchase 3 and 4 more for their friends and neighbours!

Vince Marchese, inventor of The Shake, was interviewed at the Style at Home Show.  Please have a look at this video to watch the interview and see a demonstration of The Shake in use.